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Take a look around.
What do you see?
Where are you?
How did you get there?
Is there where you wanted to be?
OR, where you to be in a different direction?
Change your course NOW.  

Whatever is happening inside of us shows up on the outside  ... and ... what is happening on the outside reflects what is happening inside.  Doesn't matter which came first .  What matters is if you like what you see and feel. Maybe it's time to change course? Maybe it's time to get your own bearings. Start with a clean slate.  Literally.  Figuratively.

By taking a class, experiencing a Sorting-Out Session, having your space analyzed, or energetically cleared, start navigating towards a different direction ... a different life for you, as well as for the ones around you, since we are all connected. Why not start exploring ....


Christmas Ball.jpg
Paw-Painted Afternoon
Sat. October 14, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
at Blue Moon Yoga in Shrewsbury, NJ
Hank Artwork_edited.jpg

Help animal rescues by making your Dog an Artist!

Your dog, guided by a human artist, creates a beautiful piece of artwork and holiday ornaments that make fabulous gifts for this holiday season:

  • a canvas of Original Artwork (4" x 4" for small dogs, 8" x 10" for big dogs)

  • a number of Holiday Ornaments

Just think how beautiful they will be!  Book your session now!

Donation:   $30 per session /per pet


100% of the proceeds will get evenly split between two animal rescues : 


  • Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue in Cliffwood, NJ , who rescues dogs from high-kill shelters

  • Near & Far Animal Foundation, who helps animal in dire situation in need of critical medical care

                                            Then, you will be called or emailed to get on the schedule.

Need more information? Call 732.687.0128 or email getyourbearings.IT@gmail 


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