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The Compass Kit

This Kit, which includes a collection of products, was designed to help you start on a new course.  Explore ...

(2) Sorting-Out Sessions (value USD $ 100.00)

These 1-hour sessions allow you to explore how best to utilize Get Your Bearings. Maybe you in a push to start organizing ... maybe you are thinking about your space and would like to get suggestions of furniture and color placements.  Or, you're just not sure ... let's then just talk. This is your time. And, you can split a session into (2) 30 minute meetings. 

(1) 9-Star Ki Reading (value USD $75.00)

WHAT INTRIGUING INCITE YOU CAN GET! ... can help you make better decisions, avoid nonconductive situations, and  more. 

PLUS with the purchase of this KIT, you receive: 


(250) Positive Points

Positives Points is the GYB Loyalty Program. Every time you interactive with Get Your Bearings you accumulate points that can be used for future services. 

In addition .... 

..... all of this is presented in a wooden box .... a GYB Blessings Box for you to keep and use. A Blessings Box is a great place to store very important things. Perhaps you have old photos or greeting cards that you just do not want to get rid of and don't know where to put them ... or a receipt from a purchase that you should really keep, just don't know where.

Without a doubt, the Get Your Bearings Compass Kit is a wonderful gift for yourself, as well as for anyone else. It really can give someone a jump start on a new course in life. Don't think that you will use it all? No worries. Every item is transferrable. Give it to a family member or friend!


Total Value Cost: USD $ 175.00 ... Current Price USD $ 122.00 with FREE SHIPPING in the United States

To purchase a GYB Compass Kitemail, call, or click on the button/icon on top of this page.

Of course, with any questions, please contact me directly:                                                     +1.732.687.0128

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