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Discover Your True Nature! Use it for Success! … and Help Save Animals!

Book a Get Your Bearings 5-Element one-on-one, online, private (half-hour-ish) session and discover interesting information about yourself. Part of the proceeds will go directly to Near and Far Animal Foundation. This non-for-profit organization works so hard to help animals, especially ones that don't seem to have a chance like Ravioli. NAFAF will stop at nothing to help an animal or a rescuer in need.

A 5-Element reading can give you important insight as to what you may be up against this upcoming year. Wouldn't that be great to know? Could this year be stagnant or filled with new possibilities?  How should you handle this year? By knowing your elemental composition and knowing the energies of this given year, you can discover what maybe in store for you! Take this information to better plan and make better decisions … and maximize on the potentials.

Ravioli Martini Shot.jpg

Ravioli has a second chance on life

thanks to Near & Far Animal Foundation!

Click on the video below to get the whole story.

Click on Near & Far's logo to go to their website for more information. 


Your elemental composition is based on your birthday, birth year, and birth location. According to an ancient theory, the 5-Element theory, everything can get translated into the 5 elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water ... EVERTHING … objects, people and energies. And, knowing where you stand in this mix gives you great knowledge and insight how to best proceed.

Normally, this reading is USD $75 ... it's now being offered at a special price: USD $35, of which $10 with go directly to Near and Far Animal Foundation, so we can help them do what they do! Get Your Bearings personally knows one of the founders, and we vouch for the organization’s integrity. 

Also, when you book, receive 300 Positive Points! What are Positive Points you ask? 

To book now, click on the BOOK NOW! box. Then you will be contact to get on the schedule.  Offer expires 3/31/23.

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