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9 Star Ki: for Young Adults

Career Choices for Kids

                                           Help a Young Adult Find a Career Path!

Do you know a young adult who has no clue "what they want to do for a living"? They don't know what is their favorite subject, nor do they know what they are good at.  

Through a 5-Element reading, they can learn about their innate strengths and weaknesses … and perhaps get important insight as to what career opportunities are best suited for them. This REMOTE reading is a great opportunity for someone who is not sure what path to follow: 

Are they born leaders, or would they thrive better under management?

What might stress them out the most? 

Are they more creative or more analytical in the thinking process?

Do they prefer structure or a more fluid work environment? 

What is there real constitution? What makes them tick? 


All of these questions ... and more .... can only help steer a young adult towards a career path that will shine the strengthens an minimize their weaknesses.

473 Charles Court Lithonia, GA 30038 for more info contact maria 202-555-0167  maria_email

For more information, please email : or call 732.687.0128


Book your spot. Then you will be contacted to get on the schedule. Fee : USD $ 35.00

per Career Choice Reading

College Dorm

Know Any College-Bound Kids?

                                                     .... or, already sent one off? 

Have you ever thought about the actual energy of the dorm room's space? EVERTHING is energy. And, some of that energy from past occupants can linger on .... and on .... Energy clearing the space, REMOTELY, can only help the "new" students. 

For more information, please email : or

call 732.687.0128

Fee : USD $ 40.00 per dorm room and includes a follow-up conversation


Book your spot, and then you will be contacted to geton the schedule.

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