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Floor Plan Review


Get to know your space with a Floor Plan Review. This is a perfect opportunity to receive valuable information without having to make the full commitment.

Listen to the voice of your space and see what it's perhaps trying to tell you. What a breath of fresh air, that can give new insight, which in turn can be a catalyst for change ... simple or intense ... but change nonetheless. Design concepts, feng shui principles, and common sense are all applied to help you see and hear … thus hopefully helping you understand what is beneficial and what needs to change. Learning the relationship between our space and us helps understand what is happening, subtlety.


Supply some required information, such as photographs of your home, floor plans, and fill out a simple questionnaire. The information, including information regarding the occupants, will be analyzed. Then a Remote review session will be scheduled (via telephone or via Skype)  At that time, the insights uncovered will be shared.  

*Please Note : Analysis will be as accurate based on the initial information given .

To BOOK a Floor Plan Review: email, call, or BOOK NOW by clicking on the appropriate button/icon.

Then you will be contacted to schedule.

Floor Plan Review

RESIDENTIAL Remote Fee: USD$ 250.00

Floor Plan Review

COMMERCIAL Remote USD$ 550.00

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