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It's easy to spot dust or dirt ... very easy to see. But what about the dust, the dirt, and the grime we cannot see? Just like physical surfaces, non-physical surface accumulate (for lack of a better word, lets use the technical term) "stuff".

Would you ever wear someone else's clothes before washing them? Maybe. Consider, though, how clean and fresh would you really feel. Well ... the energy of space is the same. If it's not too clean and clear, it may give one a very not-so-clean feeling. Things may just not feel right. 

There is SO MUCH going on in our space that we do not see. Everything is energy, and there are so many different levels of energy in a home, a room, and even a car. 

Think about the people who occupied this space previously or what environmental situations may have occurred. Were the previous owners a happy couple for over 40 years? Or, was there fighting everyday? Either way, don't you think that some of that energy is still there?

Perhaps you bought a brand new house ... never lived in yet. Do you know the history of the land where the house was built? Earth energy disturbances can be adversely affecting occupants, such as creating fatigue, lack of ambition, and perhaps even depression and illness. 


To do clearing, some people  use sage. I don’t. I use the dowsing method with a protocol to clear three different categories of energy in the space:


  • Metaphysical

  • Earth energies

  • Technological


This can be done on-site and remotely.

Personal Clearing

Personal clearing works the same way; however, we focus on an individual personal energetic fields.  Did you know that there are number of different energy fields that surround your body ... each holding specific purpose and meaning.

Clearing these fields can help shift the energy and release blockages that maybe inhibiting an individual from reaching their full potential and expanding their possibilities. 

This too can be done on-site or remotely


For more information or to get a price quote, please email me directly at

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