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Currently, there are no events schedule ... though browse through some past classes.

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Divining Secrets :

a Workshop on Dowsing

Join us for a fun and educational 2-hour workshop on the ancient art and science of dowsing. You'll unveil hidden information that your mind and the earth hold. Learn about and work with both dowsing rods and pendulums.

You'll learn how this magnificent practice can be used in your life and see some examples of how dowsing is still used today. And we'll have time for practice and questions!

No experience is necessary. Join us and be amazed.

A pendulum and class handouts are included.

Build your intuition with the INTUITION TOOLKIT

INTUITION….What is it and how do we tap into it?   We all have it …. for some it's stronger than others.

Join us for this "hands-on" workshop and learn life-changing intuition principles and practices. You will walk away with versatile tools to apply in matters of both large and small.

Taught by Martin McDermott, M.A., Brookdale Community College professor, TEDx speaker, and author of the forthcoming Radical Intuition:  40 + Pivotal Guideposts on the Unseen Road Less Traveled, and Franca Giuliani, feng shui and energy clearing expert, this workshop is sure one not to be missed. 

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Do you want to feel energized? Looking for balance, especially before the hectic holiday season? This class will teach you how to apply feng shui principles to your home/personal space, that will help you get inspired and start making changes. Explore feng shui remedies to enhance the energy of your space. Learn about the power of colors and optimal furniture arrangements  ... 

and so much more!

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Don't live local or interested in a private on-line session? Want to host these classes/workshops at your location? Even if it's out-of-state? For more information email :

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