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Put it all together - your birth year, your birth month and date - and get some really interesting and valuable information about yourself. Mind you, this isn't your normal, for lack of a better word, astrology. This system (9 Stari Ki to be specific) is one of the most ancient systems. It takes the alignment of the Big Dipper planets and a few stars into consideration on the day you were born to realize what specific tendencies and energies you innately inherited.


WHAT INTRIGUING INCITE YOU CAN GET!  It can help you make better decisions, avoid unhealthy situations, and so much more. 

Discover Your True Nature! Use it for Success! …

and Help Save Animals!

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From a business standpoint, a 5-Element MULTI READING can help you pick the right person for the right task and help build teams that really, really work well together .... thus achieving incredible success. 


Also, a 5-ELEMENT THEORY Relationship Reading can help you understand the dynamics between you and a significant other .... as well as you and the chosen business partner. Either scenario can perhaps help you save a lot of money, time and energy

5- Element Reading Remote Fee: USD $ 75.00

5- Element Reading ON-SITE Fee: USD $ 125.00

5- Element RELATIONSHIP Reading Remote Fee: USD $ 150.00

5- Element RELATIONSHIP Reading ON-SITE Fee: USD $ 275.00

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