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STILL stubbing your toe on that sofa?


Does something just not feel right in your space and you can’t put or finger on it? Or, are you designing a new room or office space and want to make it meaningful and special? Don't know how to start?

Structures, flow patterns, fabrics and colors can really make a difference in the overall constitution of a space.  By understanding the potential of a property or space based on the principles of feng shui, a time-honored discipline to understand and harness the powers of Nature, create a plan with the greatest potential for success, harmony and balance for its inhabitants, regardless of its architectural style. 

Image by Garrett Sears
Feng Shui Energizes Any and Every Architectural Design

Be it an office building, patio, outdoor pond or even just a door stoop, by applying feng shui principles, we can achieve wonders.


By focusing differently on our space- interior and exterior environments – we can get insight as to what is not working … and why. Only then can we see what needs to change and not. It could just be creating a different furniture layout, re-positioning a rug, changing a few colors, or maybe having to do even more.


This can be helpful in many different ways for many different people:

RENOVATORS:      Before sitting down with an architect, get valuable insight into the full potential of your space.


ARCHITECTS:         At least hear what I have to say before finalizing your plans.


DESIGNERS:           Give your client personal insight when deciding on the best colors, shapes, and materials.


REALTORS:           It’s another added value to staging.

BUSINESS OWNER: Nuances in spaces may affect business .... as well as prosperity

YOU:                       Really get to understand what is happening in your space. 

There are 3 Ways to Start. EXPLORE!
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