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Sorting-Out Session


If you just need guidance, SORTING-OUT SESSIONS are the way to go. Together, we check on your progress. Usually, they occur via video chat or phone and can last from a half hour to an hour. However, the fee is based on 1-hour. Hence a Session can ended up being (2) 30-minute meetings. You are provided direction and assigned homework. Depending on how large the task is, a SORTING-OUT SESSIONS can be just one session, or maybe for a while once a week or once every two week might be needed. It's all up to you.  


To BOOK a Sorting-Out-Session, email, call, or BOOK NOW by clicking on the BOOK NOW button. Then you will be contacted to be scheduled.

REMOTE OFFERED ONLY : Fee: USD $ 50.00 ( One-Hour Session/or Two -30-Minute Meetings) 

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